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OPE Performance is a street and tracks automobile wheel designer and manufacturer. As a passion driven company, OPE Performance has actively involved in motorsports since the brand first founded. With the feedback from hundereds of dealers across Canada, we are able to engineer and manufacture real performance wheels. Our goal is to provide an affordable wheel that perfectly balanced between lightweight and stength for all deihard motorsports enthusiasts. 

F87 M2

  • Wheel Setup: FF05 18x10.0 +20 5x120 72.6

  • Driver: Leo

  • Racing Highlight: 2022 CSCS Unlimited Group 2nd Place



F87 M2C

  • Wheel Setup: FF05 18x10.0 +25 5x120 72.6

  • Driver: Levi

  • Racing Highlight: 2022 CSCS Street Rear-Wheel Drive Group Champion




  • Wheel Setup: FF05 18x10.0 +42 5X120 64.1

  • Driver: Braga

  • Racing Highlight: 2020 CSCS Production Front-Wheel Drive Group 2nd Place


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